Five Interesting Atlanta Facts

History is an integral part of Atlanta’s culture, so let’s take a stroll through time and explore some interesting facts about our “city in the forest.”

1 | Looking out amongst the trees, it’s hard to imagine that in 1864 Atlanta was burned to the ground by General Sherman as an act of war. Since then, Atlanta has rebuilt and is one of the lushest cities in the United States, earning the nickname, “city in the forest.”

2 | The origin of Atlanta’s name came from railroad engineer J. Edgar Thompson, as a shortened version of the “Atlantica-Pacifica.”

3 | There are over 55 streets named “Peachtree” in Atlanta. Historians suggest the name originated from the Native American Tribe “Standing Pitch Tree,” versus the common misconception that it is named after an actual peach tree.

4 | Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world and is equivalent in size to 45 football fields.

5 | There’s a very good reason why the Georgia State Capitol sparkles in the sun. It is gilded with 43 ounces of Dahlonega gold, mined from the grounds of Georgia.

Immerse yourself in Southern charm and culture when visiting our historic and welcoming city. We pride ourselves on having a rich history that draws the most sophisticated people from around the globe.


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